How Much Are Legal Fees?

If you need help from an Arizona law firm, you are going to need to pay money for an attorney's services. They are working to get you the best results possible in your case, and in return, you have to pay a small sum of money. How much money do you have to pay for an attorney? That is a little harder to answer. It all depends on the severity and categorization of your case. Here are some examples of fees you may pay to a law firm:

  • Retainer Fees: Retainer fees are essentially deposits for legal services. You will pay a certain amount of money for the time an attorney expects to put into a case, and then you may pay an hourly rate for any time that exceeds the hours covered in your retainer fee. Most attorneys will ask for this money to ensure that they are going to be paid for at least part of the work they put in. 
  • Hourly Fees: If your case does not fit a standard price point, you may have to pay the attorney for every hour he or she works. This would especially be the case in an investigation, where the lawyer has to work as long as it takes to find answers. 
  • Contingent Fees: Contingent fees are payments that do not have to be made until after you win a case. These are usually reserved for insurance claims and injury cases. An attorney will only offer a contingent fee if there is a high probability of winning a case. 
  • Flat Fees: Flat fees are used for cases that take a definitive amount of time. For instance, most bankruptcy cases take roughly the same time because they require roughly the same paperwork. You may know exactly what you are going to pay before you enter contract with an Arizona law firm if your case is predictable. 

If you want to know the exact amount of money you will pay for a lawyer in the Copper State, you need to go in for a consultation. Most good Arizona law firms will offer free consultations to give you an estimate of the time and money it will take to complete your case. You can discuss different ways to go about the case at that time, and hopefully you will come up with an option that you can afford and feel satisfied with at the same time. Talk to an attorney near you, and you will soon know how much your legal fees will be. 

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